Anatomical Terminology of the auricular Surface


Ear is an organ of hearing symmetrically on both sides of the head. The auricle is Composed of a plate of elastic cartilage, a thin layer of fat and connective tissue Supplied by numerous nerves.  The main nerves are the great auricular and the Lesser occipital derived from the second, third and fourth cervical spinal nerves, And the auricular –temporal branch of the trigeminal nerve, vagus, and the mixed branch of the facial nerve and the glossopharyngeal nerves, and the sympathetic Nerves.

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Auricular Points


Auricular points are specific stimulating points on the auricular with needles. When disorder occur in the internal organs or other part of the body, various Reaction may appear at the
corresponding areas of the auricular, such as

tenderness, Decreased cutaneous electric resistance, morphological changes,

and Discoloration. Therefore, these sites also referred to as tender spots, Conducting points or reflex spots. Thus, making a diagnosis, those

phenomena can be taken into consideration. stimulating the sensitive sitesServes to prevent and treat diseases.


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